During my over thirty years of social documentary work, these images are a moment, a slice of time in that person's life.

Looking from left to right, 1, 3, 5, and 20 were all clients of a Protective service agency. I spent a couple of years being introduced by a case worker who allowed me access to photograph these individuals and families.

4 - A sweet woman who lived in Summit. I lived close by and visited both her and her husband regularly for many years.

6 - Ada - I photographed her and her family off and on for a year or so in Newark when they suddenly moved away. This image was used in a poster for a New Jersey Children's Agency.

7, 8, and 9 - Photographs were all taken in various places about homeless in Newark. Elsie and Nicey lived temporarily in an abandoned bus.
Sometimes people threw stones through the windows to make their life even more difficult.

10 - New York City woman grieving. I didn't know her.

11 - Mother Theresa before she gave a speech in a Newark Church.

12 - "Diamond" Arthur, after he did his time being incarcerated he wasn't allowed to return to his skill as a barber because he was denied to use a scissor.

13 – Part of an ICP assignment to photograph street images I was fascinated by these two older women strolling along, I think was fifth avenue. This was a different age--a time before knee and hip replacement surgery.

14, 15, and 16 – Cambodian refugees living in Jersey City, NJ. I read a small
article in the local newspaper where they didn't even have utensils to eat with. I contacted the person in the article, wrote a photo essay and as a photo-journalist it allowed me to advertise a clothing and everything drive and it was a huge success.

17 – A KKK rally was mentioned in the newspaper, my local newspaper mostly covered only local events. This event was held in South Jersey, but the editor thought it was important and allowed me to go. At first I thought it was a Halloween joke but it didn't take long before my blood went cold. My professional self kicked in and I knocked on the door when they went into the house. They gave me their hate filled business card and as I was leaving one said we are not going to wear hoods and robes any longer, people get upset. We are going to wear suits and get elected to office.

19 - Ida in Jersey City was part of a runaway project that involved the Jersey City water front. Her son had runaway but had shortly returned after I had taken this photograph.